Oru Kuppai Kathai (2018) Tamil Movie Full Download

Oru Kuppai Kathai

Director Kaali Rangasami has in his hands a good script, and almost succeeds in narrating a true-to-life story.

Cast & Crew
Kali Rangasami
Manisha Yadav
Yogi Babu

Release Date: May 23, 2018


Oru Kuppai Kathai (2018) Tamil Review:
Kumar (Dinesh Master) works for the cleanliness of the town, however Poonkodi (Manisha Yadav), his wife, is tricked into the wedding by her father United Nations agency is affected by Kumar’s character. She believes that her husband works as a clerk, however life takes an unsightly flip once she finds out concerning his actual occupation.

The film begins with the note, ‘Inspired by true events’ and conjointly tries to handle the favored speech, ‘To err is human, to forgive is divine’. once the film begins, we all know we’ve got a message to require home, however what proportion of it can we very take away? Director Kaali Rangasamy confuses United States at completely different junctures, as he portrays the fact of life with a scene wherever the protagonist provides his mum a bottle of alcohol to supply a calming finish to her day however conjointly writes a ready-made Associate in Nursingd humorless scene wherever an rotund lady is employed to precipitate laughter.

As the conflict within the film is unconcealed and also the sub-plots open up, we tend to expect to check some light-weight at the tip of the tunnel. however the execution within the half of the film falls in need of what was secure at break-point. OKK could be a film, that we tend to sometimes expect to be driven by the most characters. Here, we’ve got Dinesh Master United Nations agency fits the bill absolutely however delivers a mediocre performance. we tend to even have a typecast Manisha Yadav, United Nations agency attracts some attention by putt up a good show.

On the opposite hand, clearly enjoying the role of the protagonist’s humorous ally, Yogi adult male manages to trigger some laughs and he creates his trademark moments. the 2 friends, United Nations agency compete the antagonists deliver weak performances and also the director might have extracted sensible work from them.

As additional characters square measure introduced, we tend to appear to seek out their purpose rapidly. The story starts to travel on the trail perpetually taken, giving United States an opportunity to predict the subsequent scenes. Oru Kuppai Kadhai is exhibit-A of the type of script that has the substance to try to to well, however whose execution falls simply on top of average.

Joshua Sreedhar’s songs square measure passable, whereas Deepan Chakravarthy’s violin-dominated background score will elevate sure scenes. Magesh Muthusamy’s filming is modest and Gopi Krishna’s cuts might are precise. One may well be baffled by the ‘U’ certificate, as some rape scenes and violence is palpable.


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